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Travel Info

Stay Updated With Our Travel Info

There is a lot to desire from taking a holiday trip with your loved ones in our caravans, Campervan or Motorhome. We understand that you have always looked forward to this kind of experience, and that is why we are delighted to update you about our travel information.

In giving you our travel information, we have taken into cognisance the prevailing circumstances in both the health and economy sector and the need for all our clients and loved ones’ safety. This is the reason we have updated our travel info to reflect the current realities.

Covid-19 And Travel Advice

Given its notoriety, only those living in the outside world would validly deny not knowing about the covid-19 pandemic that has rocked different parts of the world. Like other sectors, the pandemic has also had its effects on travelling. And to adjust to the prevailing circumstances, we have amended our travel guidelines.

For the avoidance of doubt, Uzoom is a law-abiding organisation and would always follow the land and government laws about national health and security. If not for anything, but to protect the health of all our clients, their loved ones and our team.

This implies that Uzoom will not be in travel operations during the national lockdown by the government. This, however, does not mean we would stop full operations. You can still reach out to us to arrange for your motorhome, Caravan and Campervan. We have digitalised the process and would attend to you immediately to arrange your desire travel van when it is safe again to travel. Just like you, we are also eager to get to the road again.

Our branches would, however, still be open for restricted interactions. This means there would be minimal pick-up/return procedures for our hired vans. We will keep in touch with you if there’s a change in Uzoom’s centre’s operations nearest to you.

Enquiries And Bookings

We understand that you might have questions about our operations or any other thing about us. Our offices and branches are not in full operations, and we would advise you to stay behind if your enquiries do not necessarily require a physical visit. But, you can still send in your enquiries to our email addresses (email). We have a team on standby who would respond to all your enquiries and get back to you within 24 hours.

For booking, you are also advised to utilise our online channel to arrange the hire of your motorhome, Caravan and Campervan. You can be sure that we will attend to you as soon as we get your request.

Other Information

In times like this, we recognise the need for proper hygiene for everybody to prevent the spread of the ravaging virus. In this light, we advise all our clients to follow the Australian government’s rules and regulations about health and hygiene.

On our part, we have made arrangements for cleaning all our vans before hire and upon return. This is to give all our clients the assurance that they will safe in our vans and encourage proper adherence to all health issues.

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