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Caravan Finance

Get A Caravan With Our Caravan Finance

For us at Uzoom, we consider the need for caravan finance. This is because we understand the disparities in economic realities and happenings, and we would love to give everyone a fair shot at owning a caravan. We believe that what should stop anyone from fulfilling their dream of owning a caravan should not be because of the lack of funds or the indiscriminately high-interest rates on loans in the traditional bank.

At Uzoom, we offer you caravan finance, which is a great method of getting your Caravan’s required finance. Buying a caravan shouldn’t be as hard as it is being preached, many thanks to the wonders of caravan finance.

For us at Uzoom, we help you handle everything you need about to get proper boat finance. We make sure that we provide a top-notch means for you to take advantage of our caravan finance.

Many people have wondered what makes us different from the traditional bank that provides the same loan? We are proud to say that the difference between U zoom and the traditional banks spans more than a mile. For instance, we help you get rid of the long processes you are subjected to in the traditional banks before obtaining a caravan for a loan. With us, you are also not faced with the hassle of paperwork typical of the traditional banks. Our interests in the loans you receive for caravan finance are also very competitive and offer you a great deal.  We have a wide range of caravan financing options that we have to offer you to cap it all.

As you can see, there is a lot you stand to gain from taking advantage of the caravan finance opportunity Uzoom is offering you.

The caravan financer packages we have been specifically tailored to fit into your choice easily. The good news is that even if all of our existing caravan finance packages do not fit into your choice, we can always modify the packages to suit your needs. We are out here to serve your best purpose, and you can be certain that we will see to the fulfilment of that.

Caravan Loan

There is no doubt that we have the best caravan financing packages for you. Of them all, caravan loan seems to be the most preferred by many of our clients who have taken advantage of our caravan finance.

In processing and giving you a caravan loan, we consider different factors. These factors would influence some of the agreements we enter and the smooth processing of the caravan loan. For instance, we consider what purpose you need the caravan loan for, the required amount, the timeline for collecting the loan, and your credit profile or net worth.

We love to follow the required process, and we expect the same from all of our clients. This is why the non-consideration and non-confirmation of the above factors might greatly slow or stall the processes or obtaining the caravan loan.

We can promise that you don’t have to worry about not getting caravan finance once you meet all the requirements. Our processes are fast and easy. We have delivered top-notch services for our clients, and we can guarantee you the same.

To ease processing your caravan loans, we have drawn up the required processes you need to pass through. This would allow you to familiarise yourself with the process and get ready all the requirements. 

  • You begin with filling out a form on our website requesting for the loan. You can fill the form (here).
  • After this, the processing of your application starts immediately. We have standby and dedicated team that attends to your application once it is received on our system. You can be sure that our team would swing into action once you click the submit button at the end of the form.
  • Once we have attended to your application, we send you feedback to inform you that your application has been received and you can now proceed to the next stage.
  • The next stage involves a meeting with your bank manager. The purpose of this meeting is to close and fund your loan.

Approving your credit loan would depend on your credit qualifications and your eligibility. Similarly, your caravan finance interest rates would are dependent largely on some factors. Those factors include the loan terms which would entail you APR. The way it works is that your credit ratings influence the rates you are likely to get.

This means that if your credit ratings are high, your interest is likely to below. On the other end, if it is low, you caravan finance interest rate would be high. But then, you can be sure that your caravan finance interest rating will fall between 4.3 per cent and 11.9 per cent APR/AutoPay.

If your caravan finance interest rates have been quoted with AutoPay, you may have a discounted rate. If it hasn’t, the opposite might be the case.

If you consider co-owning your Caravan, Uzoom has an arrangement that permits you to have a co-applicant or a co-signer.

You can be sure that we would process your loan applications with the highest level of attention and promptness. However, if you feel that your application is not being handled the way you expected it to be, you can reach out to us and make a complaint. We have a dedicated and independent team who will review your applications and processes and then get back to you. If there is a need for an adjustment, you can be sure that we would make it happen without delay.

After your application has passed through all the necessary processes, and the required documents have been reviewed and confirmed, Uzoom notifies you of its success. You can then receive your caravan finance. Usually, the time gap between your caravan finance’s approval and the receipt of the funding is twenty-four hours. This can be faster once every requirement for receipt of caravan funding is met.


Uzoom is not a registered financial institution in Australia. All the financial opinions rendered here emanate solely from our team’s research and experience and are intended to serve educational purposes only. All information is, however, accurate and updated. Occasionally though, you may come across misprints or unintended errors.

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