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Welcome to Uzoom. We are an organisation that specialise in the hiring and sale of Caravan, Campervan and motorhome.

We are headquartered in Australia to provide top-notch service to both local and international clients looking to tour Australia’s coastline and roads

New Age Manta Ray

The New Age Manta Ray has all that an average traveller or camper desires. The van has been specially built to cognisance the users' needs and provide a home away from home. If you have ever considered travelling in style in a caravan around Australia, then the New Age Manta Ray model caravan is what you need. For all that matters, the New Age Manta Ray portrays its name in the experience it gives the users. There is always a new-age experience for all users.

Adria Altea

The Adria Altea caravan has all that you may desire from a caravan. It has been specifically built to give you the style you have always longed for. Whether you are new to caravan usage or a long user, one thing is certain about the Adria Alta; you will always have great experiences.

Jayco Silverline

Have you always desired to explore different places without bothering about your comfort, because you know it is settled? If you have always expected this, then what you have been waiting for is the Jayco Silverline caravan. The Jayco Silverline caravan is built for many purposes. Still, one thing you can't take away from it is its ability to offer you the comfort you have always desired while holidaying.

Empire Caravan

In building the Empire Caravans, manufacturers paid extreme attention to its performance and durability for users. This is why a great deal of effort was exerted to ensure that the Caravan comes out in a great way. This effort is evident in its use and performance over a long time.

Our Local Partners
Volkswagen Transporter Skyline Camper

The new Volkswagen Transporter Skyline camper is another product from Volkswagen. Like before, this campervan product has a lot of great features for campers. Specially built to grant campers the comfort and luxury they need, you can always be sure that you would have a great time with the Volkswagen transporter skyline camper. While building and designing, manufacturers devoted great expertise to make the van fit for its purpose and provide all necessary utility devices and materials in it.

Jayco Conquest Campervan

The Jayco Conquest Campervan is an improvement in the older version of the camper and around. While building and designing this, manufacturers considered the need to make amend on the past versions' excesses and carefully design this to caver up the lacuna. This is why the Jayco Conquest Campervan has been touted to be one of the best Campervan you can ever wish for.


Jayco Conquest Dx Motorhome

The Jayco Conquest DX Motorhome is a brand of the motorhome with down-to-earth designs and layout. For most of it, it is what you need in a motorhome if you are considering embarking on that Australia’s coastline or road touring. It has all it takes to navigate both the internal and outskirts of Australia. This is due to its excellent performance and durability.

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